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VetsChoice Products

While many global companies are driven by the need to satisfy their shareholders and army of accountants, we are a family owned business and as such not subjected to such pressures. This allows us to concentrate all our efforts on making products that vets can recommend with confidence and you can trust.

The new range “Vetschoice” helps address your pet’s needs from Digestion to Dental Care and these are all covered below. Please talk to one of our ves or veterinary nurses if you have any questions or call us directly on (01603) 411520; we will be pleased to help...


All these products below are available here at Willows and if you have any questions please pop in or give us a call.


The use of oral wipes is the next best thing to brushing. Our handy wipes mean that you can keep on top of your pet’s dental hygiene quickly and easily, especially when on the move.



Our antibacterial, enzymatic and abrasive toothpaste is the most effective way to control dental plaque. Use it daily using the convenient finger toothbrush supplied with the paste. Dogs and cats often tolerate a finger toothbrush better than a regular brush and the delicious beefy taste of the toothpaste will mean that your pet looks forward to teeth brushing every day!



This water additive is the easiest way to control the bacterial population in your pet’s mouth. By adding this to your pet’s fresh water every day, you can help reduce the bacteria in the saliva and on the teeth or gums. Not all pets take to Plaqaid® straightaway so start with a small amount first and then gradually build up to the recommended daily amount.



Is a highly palatable chewable joint care tablet for dogs. Stimulin® contains the essential building blocks for healthy cartilage, to maintain joint health. Your vet will give you the best advice.

Regular use will support healthy joint structure and promote mobility, which all helps to give your dog a new lease of life.



Is a gentle conditioning shampoo, which also contains aloe vera to act as a natural soothing and healing aid. It has a delicious smell and is perfect for regular use in any animal.


Is designed for a variety of situations. Despite its potent action, it is also mild and gentle on the skin and has a very pleasant aroma. The pH is matched to the dog or cat’s skin to ensure it does not aggravate the skin. It also contains oat protein to act as a gentle conditioner.



Is a general use conditioning spray that also contains specific deodorising ingredients to help with particularly smelly pets. Maxisheen® also contains aloe vera and vitamin E, to aid in skin and coat health, thereby helping to maintain a healthy skin and coat long term; plus an agent to help limit the population of bacteria or yeast on your pet’s skin.

Maxisheen® is presented in an easy to use dispensing spray, using the unique 360 degree spray technology, enabling it to it provide a constant stream of almost silent spray at any angle.



Has been specifically formulated with the needs of your pet’s skin, coat and nails in mind. It contains a unique blend of highly bio-available natural oils, to provide the clinically proven balance of Omega 6 and Omega 3 essential fatty acids your pet needs to maintain a healthy glossy coat.

Gomega® also contains Vitamin E, which is a potent antioxidant and is known for its beneficial effects on skin, coat and nails.



Is designed to help clean the external ear canals of any dog or cat. It is specially formulated to encourage evaporation of any water in the ear, thereby drying the canal and lessening the chance of microbial growth. It also contains ingredients to control microbes and soothing agents, which can also help in the removal of any wax or debris that has built up in the ear canal.



has therefore been formulated to aid in cat gastrointestinal health, especially ones who may be ingesting large amounts of fur. It contains prebiotics, to aid in general intestinal health; lubricants, to aid the passage of any fur through the gastrointestinal tract; and flavourings to ensure that your cat will enjoy the Lubix® paste.


Wound Cream

contains a combination of ingredients that can aid in the management of skin scrapes and abrasions. The cream is suitable for cats and dogs and calms itchy skin and scrapes. The soothing cream containing tea tree and aloe vera, promotes natural healing and has antiseptic properties.



contains a highly specialised enzyme profile that aids in the natural degradation of soiling particularly in carpets. This means that it will completely eradicate the mess, not just mask it with something else, thereby minimising the likelihood that your pet will choose to toilet in the same position again.

It is presented in a convenient 500ml spray bottle, or a 1L douser bottle, giving you complete choice depending on which is more convenient for you. It can be used safely on any carpets, bedding, upholstery or clothing.



We have created Redux® for all such situations. It is a gentle spray that can be used on the animal themselves or on dressing, bandages, furniture, personal items or around the home. It contains a bitter tasting agent that acts as a deterrent, so that your pet will think twice before licking or biting where it has been sprayed.


Redux® should not be applied to open wounds or damaged skin, but it can be applied liberally all around the area or wherever else it is needed

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