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By advocating early vaccination we can aim to begin an ongoing process of lifelong protection against distemper, parvovirus, leptospirosis, hepatitis, parainfluenza and bordetella in dogs and flu, enteritis and leukaemia in cats.


Modern vaccines are designed to ensure that pets receive reasonable protection before they are twelve weeks old, allowing socialization from an early age and the inherent advantages this brings; and with the development and refinement of this protection we now are able to offer vaccines which only require some components to be repeated annually-indeed a majority of these diseases are now protected with a single repeat dose every three years.


What this amounts to is the primary vaccinations providing an initial powerful immunity which is followed annually by a small or large booster as appropriate throughout life to maintain the protection.


By keeping up annual re-vaccination you not only maintain the immunity to dangerous diseases but also open up the opportunity to take advantage of the associated health check with our vet and maintain flea, worming and dietary treatments or get advice on all these things.


Endemic diseases which take the lives of pets , young and old are thankfully receeding into the past , mainly due to vaccination but we are constantly vigilant and parvovirus in dogs, flu and enteritis in cats too regularly present with small flurries of aggressive activity, infecting substantial pockets of local populations of mostly unvaccinated animals and sadly taking many lives-during the last serious outbreak of parvovirus in our practice forty four cases were diagnosed , of which thirty two died, and that’s too many!


Cats and kittens may survive flu more regularly than those dogs with parvovirus but of those that do many are condemned to a life of regular, intermittent resurgence because they are carriers of the virus and a small number simply become chronically affected, living every day with flu symptoms. SO, LET’S ALL VACCINATE OUR PETS!

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