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Repeat Prescriptions

Collecting your repeat prescription only (POM-V) medicines can seem really tedious and full of red-tape, but we as vets are very strictly controlled by legislation and laws which are rigorously applied to ensure that we prescribe and use drugs appropriately. Indeed, very severe sentences can apply to anyone who abuses the rules.


Therefore we apply a pretty strict set of guidances to help us apply the laws and to enable our clients to be fully aware of their compliance in collecting and re-ordering prescription drugs only.


For medication being dispensed and collected at willow veterinary clinic only


Some animals require medication on a regular basis to control chronic disease e.g. diabetic dogs and cats need insulin every day and as long as the diabetic condition is under control, they do not need to be seen by a vet every time an insulin bottle is needed . This helps our clients to be able to buy the necessary drugs without having to pay a consultation fee each time when they run out of medication.


However, medication on ‘repeat prescription’ is usually prescription only medicine ( Classed as POM-V). This means that certain rules MUST be followed so that medication can be legally dispensed.


Every pom-v medicine dispensed and sold has to comply with the following:otherwise it is illegal for us to sell it!


A) Every time a POM-V medication is dispensed , it need sto be checked by a veterinary surgeon. We have many medicines to be checked and dispensed each day so vets will have to find the time to check them all and cross –reference medical history and dispensing history each one.

Therefore please phone to request medication 24 hours prior to collection.

B) An animal that receives medication on ‘repeat’ requires a prescription check consultation by a vet regularly in line with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons regulations . The maximum time between checks should not exceed six months. If your pet has not been checked within the last six months by a veterinarian ( or less if that vet considers the pet should be seen more often), the medication may NOT be prescribed.

C) During the 6 months between checks the pet’s requirements may change and the drug prescribed may not be necessary any more or even contraindicated. In such circumstances a maximum of 2 months of medication will be dispensed at a time. If you run out of your 2 months worth of medication prior to the due date of a 6 monthly check then please phone to request more. Your vet will personally assess the case and act accordingly.

D) every time your pet comes in for a prescription check consultation, a medication and health check fee MUST be paid. In order to help our clients cope with ongoing health issues , the prescription check consult fee is usually cheaper than the full consultation fee. This fee needs to be paid in full at the time of the check up as with all other services we offer.

We want to make things as easy for clients as possible but must apply these strict rules. Veterinary clinics are regularly checked by officials representing the Veterinay Medicines Directorate (VMD) to make sure that we are applying the rules. Heavy fines and even prison sentences await those in the profession who do not comply.


Also remember that we are required to offer written prescriptions for clients who request them, enabling POM-V drugs to be sourced elsewhere. Because as the prescribing vets we are responsible for the medication from prescribing to sourcing, purchase and administration we will potentially take a little longer to prepare such prescriptions as we make our checks to ensure compliance with regulations so please be as patient with us as possible. It is all for you and your pet’s best interest.

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