Operations and Post Op Care

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Operations and Post Op Care

This is a most difficult time for owners. The day when you elect or have to have an operation carried out on your ‘much loved’ pet.


We understand this at the clinic so well. As every member of staff has pets who have gone through similar worrying times they know just what it feels like-so we strive to ensure that every surgical operation proceeds as if it was happening to one of our own pets.


There has to be a fairly rigid regime of timing and protocol to ensure anaesthetic procedure and intra-operative safety is maximized. So we ask owners to remove food overnight and water the morning of the operation. We hope that a trip to the loo is possible prior to coming in as such things can complicate surgery.


Because we need to assess the pets carefully before sedating or tranqulizing prior to the operation we ask that all pets are at the clinic between 8 am and 9 am, usually with a specific arrival slot to allow the surgical duty vet to check the precise details of the operation and reassure you of the ongoing process, plus giving you some idea of what to expect in terms of time, duration and when to call back for information.


We sometimes come across unexpected complications, emergencies which upset the smooth flow and timing of operations and even circumstances which prevent an operation being conducted as and when expected. In all such cases we endeavour to keep owners informed at all times as part of the ongoing process of care but sometimes even that is not possible so we have to make decisions based on the best interest of your pet.


Post-operatively a vet or nurse will explain all that has taken place on the day, any medicine requirements for the future and make a post-op checkover and suture removal appointment as necessary. You will be given a sheet giving all this information and what to expect in the next twenty four hours and how to respond if you have any concerns.


Just remember that nowadays veterinary operations are carried out with a similar level of anaesthetic and sterility safety as used for human surgery. Equipment is state of the art and we carry out operations thought to be impossible just ten years ago. Safety and excellent care are our priority.

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