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With joining our Senior Pet Club you get the reassurance of regular contact with your veterinary practice. You will receive important information, facts, tips and reminders in a covenient format that you can keep as a handy reference.

Above all, you will see that this stage of your pet's life can be just as healthy and enjoyable as when he or she was younger, providing your take care and accommodate a few life changes. Many owners see 'old age' in their pets as a negative time, whereas in fact a pet may spend many years of good health with great quality of life during its later years.

Signs To Look Out For

When you live and care for a pet day in and day out it can be difficult to notice the gradual changes that are signs of ageing. It's important to look out for the early signs in your pet of growing old, not just the obvious signs of ageing. By keeping a record of your pet's general health and appearance, you can see more clearly the signs that your pet is ageing, and provide useful information that can help us as veterinary practice and our veterinary nurses to identify any potential problems at an early stage.

Look at it from your older dog's point of view...

  • Older dogs may need to sleep more often than when they were younger.
  • Older dogs will need around 20% less energy so ensure your pet's diet is carefully monitored to prevent unwanted weight gain.
  • Although your dog's mobility may be reduced, he or she will still enjoy playing. It's important to ensure that any games are not too stressful on their older joints.
  • As pets age, you may notice your dog is a little stiff when he or she wakes up. Feeding a diet containing Green Lipped Mussel can help mobility issues.
  • Come Visit us for more information on how to help your ageing pet.

Happily, the life expectancy of dogs and cats in the uk is increasing, just as in humans. It is estimated that 50% of dogs are officially 'senior' pets, so your own older pet is in good company! Factors such as the availability of a balanced diet provided by prepared pet foods, advances in medicine and veterinary and general health, and the growth of preventative health programmes have contributed not just to longer life expectancies, but also a better quality of life later years.

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