Nurses Clinics

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Nurses Clinics

Weight Clinic


Unfortunately 50% of dogs and cats are overweight.


Regular weight checks are vital to keep your pets in the best possible health. During these weight clinics our Nurses will discuss the best ways to achieve your pets ideal weight. Being overweight can increase the chance of your pet developing heart disease, diabetes and arthritis and may also shorten their life.

At our weight clinics we can offer dry or canned diet foods to meet your pets individual needs. (Click Here For More Information On Food Products)

Most important areas discussed during weight clinics are excerise, food, treats and medication. Any questions on either of these areas can be answered in detail by our nurses during your Free weight clinic.





Free Puppy and Kitten Check


It can be daunting getting a puppy or kitten, especially if it's your first time. Our vets and nurses are here to help guide you and ensure that your new pet gets the best support and healthcare. We provide information on flea and worm treatments, neutering, diet, insurance, toilet training, behaviour, microchipping and much more. Bringing your puppy/kitten regularly to the veterinary practice also gets them used to the environment making future vet trips less stressful.






Nail Clipping


For most animals, regular nail clipping plays an essential part in preventative health care. If nails grow too long, they can become ingrown into the skin and pads which could lead to discomfort and infections. Dogs benefit from regular exercise and road walking, whilst indoor and elderly cats prefer a scratch post or mat. Outdoor cats generally maintain their claws themselves by scratching on tree trunks and rough surfaces. It is essential for an outdoor cat to have relatively long claws as their main source of defence.






Ear Cleaning


Whilst many animals are able to maintain their ears themselves by regular self-grooming, some animals and predisposed breeds may need some extra assistance. Putting products into your cats or dogs ears at home can be daunting and a bit of a handful so a consultation with a veterinary nurse is advised. The veterinary nurse can have a look down into the ear canal to ensure there is no infection before administrating the product and cleaning the ears. They can teach you how to effectively use the cleaner and safely clean the ears so that you can prevent wax build up at home.






Senior Clinic


Our veterinary nurses also provide clinics for your senior pets. These are animals that are 8+ years of age, although this is breed dependant and larger canine breeds may be classed as senior when they are around 5 years of age. As animals get older, their needs and requirements start to alter. Our veterinary nurses can discuss these changes with you and how we can manage them. Things that may be included are, diet, dental care, signs of senility, alterations of eyesight/ hearing, exercise, mobility and lots more.

For more information on senior clinics and whats best for your senior pet please click here.

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