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Neutering is a very important part of preventative health care for our pets. Cats and dogs can be neutered from around 4 months of age, this is to prevent any unwanted matings as they become sexually mature. Neutering at a young age reduces the chances of getting certain problems as they grow older, not only medically but also behaviourally. If left entire, dogs are more likely to get prostate related problems and tumours, whilst bitches are likely to get an infection within the uterus also known as pyometra, this can be fatal if not recognised and treated quickly. Male cats left entire are more likely to stray from home and are likely to fight and cause conflict with others. A female cat should always be spayed if going outside because this is a very strong chance she would get mated. It is also much cheaper to have an animal neutered than to treat it for something that could of been prevented.


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