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Petlog, the UK's largest lost and found database for microchipped pets, found that 16,122 dogs and 55,038 cats that were reported missing between 2003 to May 2014 that have yet to be reunited with their owner. (For More Information on Lost Pets Click Here)


From April 2016 it will be a legal requirement for ALL dogs to be microchipped and contact details up-to-date. (for more information and frequently asked questions on microchipping click here.)


This is the most relevant and safe way of identifying your pet for the duration of his or her life via the insertion of a small transmitter device under the skin of your pet ( usually in the neck region) which holds a unique identification number specific to your pet and universally identifiable with all devices used nationwide to check for the presence of chips.


The chip bounces a signal sent from a handheld scanner back to a receiver which shows the exact registration number of your pet.


The chip measures about 1.5 cm long and is usually inserted when your pet is vaccinated or at neutering if preferred. It is non-reactive and causes no discomfort but they can migrate to other areas of the body over a period of time, again causing no problem except for identifying where it has ended up.


There are numerous companies providing chips and scanners but they are all compatible and there should be no identification problem if you have had a chip inserted into your pet by a vet or qualified operative elsewhere.


Suffice to say that a microchipped pet is a much safer pet and most unlikely to be lost for very long due to the overwhelming presence of scanners at all premises where lost/vagrant animals will be taken.


We often have special offers which help to reduce the cost of this service, so it’s always worth looking out for any literature which might give that advantage. We endeavour to keep all clients informed but sometimes the odd one will slip through the net.

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