Flea and Worming Treatment

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Flea and Worming Treatment

There are numerous treatments available for all the parasites which live in and on your pets so from an early age we endeavour to inform clients about the risks and how to combat them, so that a lifetime of suitable control is instituted.


This means that your pet and you are regularly protected from the threats from fleas, ticks, mites and worms. The treatments are mostly palatable or easy to administer and most last for a considerable period of 4-12 weeks.


Clients find that certain treatments suit their pet for efficacy and ease of administration and we will guide you towards the best-suited regime but needs will alter as your pet grows and matures, so regular contact with our nurses and vets will ensure satisfaction.


There are certain things to remember about our parasite treatments. Firstly, many of them are still prescription only drugs (POM-V) which means that you may need a vet or suitably qualified person to sign them off when picking them up over the counter so bear with us as we try to keep your visit as short as possible. It will always help if you can ring to order your repeat between 24 -48 hours prior to picking up so that we can perform the tracking and recording process which has to be carried out to satisfy legal process.


External parasites cause many forms of skin disease and debilitation for pets. FLEAS ARE THE NUMBER ONE OFFENDER and particularly in the summer months cause up to 50% of skin consultations seen at the clinic with itching, scratching, hair loss and serious distress being seen as the main symptoms and we have even seen such serious anaemia in litters of kittens from heavy flea infestation that death has occurred


While puppies and kittens are regularly affected by worms of various type-all of which can cause serious debilitation with severe diarrhoea and even death as a consequence, it is incredibly easy to prevent all such problems with regular dosing.


Other, less common but equally debilitating parasitic infestations are covered by most of the routine treatments we provide but always be aware that more extensive diagnostic measures and more intensive medical cures may be required for some which may affect your pet e.g. mange mites, lungworm.

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