Dental Treatment

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Dental Treatment

There are various statistics relating to the frequency of dental disease affecting

our companion pets but it is certain that over 60% of dogs and cats suffer from some

degree of tooth decay and/or gum disease.


To that end our clinic has an intensive regime of preventative and treatment protocols to keep those all-important teeth in good condition.


Our vets and nurses will inspect and advise on your pet’s dentition at all consultations and if requested, take you through a well proven management process which might involve feeding advice and the use of dental chews and rasks, although with some cases the duration of problems might have allowed so much dental decay to have occurred that a general anaesthetic and full dental assessment will be necessary, even leading to extractions and suturing of gums.


Whatever the need we have a full range of diets, tooth disinfectant and toothpastes with nursing advisory backup to help your pet, while our operating theatres are fully equiped with compressed air dental machinery and manual dental equipment to enable efficient and rapid cleaning and removal of any damaged teeth.


In every case prevention is better than cure and we must never forget that dental care is ( just as it is in humans) a daily process and important throughout life. To this end clients can always obtain free advice and obtain a large number of treatments over the counter.


Please do not forget that poor dentition can result in many other disease problems, including heart damage, renal disease, liver disease and a myriad of circulatory problems associated with the constant battering the body and immune system suffers from the bacteria and toxins constantly flooding into the body from those nasty teeth.


Your pet will definitely be healthier, feed more efficiently and be more socially acceptable, leading to a much happier, longer life with good dentition.

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