PDSA Treatment

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Willow Veterinary Clinic Norwich

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PDSA Treatment

We Provide the PDSA Pet Aid Service for people on housing or council tax benefit in the norwich postcode area NR1 to NR7.

If you would like to talk to someone about the services please give us a call on (01603) 411520.


Requirements to join

  • You must live in the postcode area of NR1 to NR7 .
  • We will need the name of your current/previous vets to obtain the previous history for all of your pets
  • Your pet must undergo a health check at our Thursday PDSA clinic at this practice costing £16.50.
  • You will need to bring a Postal Order for £7.50 made out to the PDSA (they will not accept any other form of payment)
  • There is also a £2 Administration fee to be collected on the day of your pets health check.
  • If your pets has any pre-existing health issues you must inform us straight away, as this will need to be managed in a different way to the normal registration procedure and you may be eligible for help towards any procedures that need to be carried out.
  • Your pets vaccinations will have to be carried out at this clinic and all PDSA animals must be fully vaccinated. (registeration forms will not be processed until full vaccination course is completed.) To book in for your pet's vaccination please give us a call to arrange an appointment. If your pets is already fully vaccinated and up-to-date we would require proof in the form of a vaccination card on the day of your pet's health check.
  • Your pet also requires microchipping (if you own a dog this was made law as of april 2016). You can have this carried out at the same time as your pet's health check or vaccinations. all PDSA animals will be scanned to make sure we are treating the correct animal.


How the Service Works

  • PDSA appointments are only available on Thursdays between 8:30am - 6:00pm, unless a genuine emergency and then your pet will be seen as soon as possible. If you chose to bring your pet in on any other day to suit your circumstances charges will apply.
  • You are expected to make a donation to the PDSA every time your pet is seen by a vet or you collect repeat medication. The required donation is between 10 & 12% of the total bill.
  • Your PDSA Certificate must be shown each time you attend the clinic.
  • Annual vaccination boosters must be given here at willows to remain on the scheme.
  • Long term medication can only be dispensed one month at a time, and will require a 6 monthly medication check.
  • You will receive a reminder from the PDSA to renew your certificate. (Every 6 months if under the age of 65 years and every year if over 65 years). You will need to bring the renewal form into surgery along with your proof of benifits, postal order for £7.50 made out to the PDSA and your £2 administration fee as soon as possible. If you are late in submitting your renewal form you will have to pay for all treatment until your new certificate arrives.
  • The certificate holder and spouse/agent are the only persons who can attend and sign for PDSA treatment.
  • Please note that PDSA reserves the right to verify any information given by a pet owner in connection with their PDSA registrations.



For more information about the PDSA and how they run as a charity please Click Here

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