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Ruby Rescue

Lets start at the beginning ...... It's a beautiful day, the sun is shining, there's not a cloud in sight (okay maybe not, we are in the uk after all) rewind....... It's a dark cloudy day and we are camped in a field in Thetford Forest by a river. Horses are grazing in the adjoining fields, fishermen are spaced out along the river bank eagerly awaiting the first catch of the day and the smell of bacon is wafting through the breeze. Everyone is at peace with the world THEN.......

Ruby our very beautiful but very excitable 2 yr old dog, who was laying exhausted from her early morning swim sat bolt upright, stared at the river and before anyone could stop her...... BOOM she was off. She ran full speed ahead, snapping off her lead that was staked into the ground and launched herself into the river in a dive that Tom Daley would have been very proud of. We rushed to the river bank....... a group of swans and ducks that had been gliding gracefully and serenely downstream past our caravan were now anything but graceful and most certainly no longer serene as they scattered in different directions, flapping their wings and making all sorts of noises as they hot - footed it down stream followed by Ruby who was obviously in the mood for 'duck a la orange' for breakfast.

Okay, so back to the hysterical mum!! No amount of calling, yelling, or bribery could get Ruby to turn back and before we knew it she was 500 yards away at the river bend and heading towards St Helens picnic area. Mother was blubbing by this point and insistent that Ruby was going to drown (I know drama queen award 2016 goes to..?). So what could we do?

Luckily our friends who we were camping with owned kayaks, so Claire grabbed hers and yelled at me to grab the other. Okay, so pause a moment..... there's me with a blubbering Mother and Claire shouting, 'GET THE KAYAK'. So as you can imagine I'm running around like a headless chicken thinking, 'Me', kayak, no coordination. Not a good mix.... Finally we get the kayaks in the water (bare in mind I haven't been in a kayak in years) and set off towards Ruby... Well I say set off, Claire had almost reached Ruby by the time I had managed to get the kayak the right way up and straight, but despite this we managed to get Ruby in my kayak,. YES... we've got her!

Well that's what we thought.... after only being in my kayak for a few seconds, Ruby launched herself back into the river. But I was smart this time I managed to get a lead on her, and wrapped the lead around my leg. So a very exhausted Ruby swam and dragged me along with her all the way back to the campsite.

Lovely..... Ruby is reunited with my blubbering Mother (I'm sure my Mother loves Ruby more than her children.) And the rest of us can get back to our bacon sandwiches, which were cold, and not as nice as you'd expect a bacon roll to be.

So thats that drama over with..... On to the next it would seem...The day after 'Operation Ruby rescue' took place, we noticed something strange about Ruby's tail. The usually bouncy and excited Ruby was subdued, walking around head down and tail between her legs. Thinking perhaps she was embarrassed or in true Ruby fashion sulking (she has a mean sulking face) we also considered that there might be something wrong.

When we got home after a lovely but stressful holiday, my sister, who is a qualified veterinary nurse had a quick look and feel of Ruby's tail. Again Mum, being the drama queen of the century instantly thought 'Oh no, she's going to have to have her beautiful tail docked'.

Luckily Ruby had only sprained her tail from using it as a rudder too much, and after a few days of pain relief she was back to her wagging tail self and the over excited pup she has always been.

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