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Q1. When is the right time to vaccinate my pets?

Puppies and Dogs.

Our vaccine can be used to immunize puppies over 6 weeks of age. One dose of a full vaccine is given after 6 weeks of age and a second dose 3-4 weeks later, but not before 10 weeks of age. The course can begin at any time between 6 and 12 weeks, but earlier vaccination has advantages of enabling pups to socialize much earlier.


Boosters are given at 12 month intervals for the parainfluenza and leptospira portion of the protection while distemper, adenovirus and parvovirus are revaccinated at intervals up to 4 years.


We immunize against kennel cough from 3 weeks of age with an annual booster-remember that this vaccine is introduced intranasally (down the nose). We also advise that a dose should be given 72 hours prior to kennelling if no previous vaccination has been given.


Rabies vaccine protection is provided as part of the export/ pet passport scheme and because there are specific requirements for post-vaccine blood tests we will advise you of appropriate timing and age restrictions. Suffice to say that the primary vaccination age is 3 months or older with boosters given every 3 years.



Flu and Enteritis

The basic vaccination course can begin at 9 weeks of age, with two injections 3-4 weeks apart and annual revaccination of all components.


In cats aged 9 weeks and over, two doses should be given with intervals of 3-4 weeks in between. These can be at the same time as the protection for flu and enteritis and the annual revaccination is also required.


We do not routinely vaccinate against the respiratory form of Chlamydia which affects cats but this can be arranged if required.



The two major diseases we provide vaccine protection against are myxomatosis and haemorrhagic enteritis.


Myxomatosis vaccine is injected from six weeks of age or older. Immunity is established two weeks after injection and boosters are required every six months.


Haemorrhagic enteritis vaccine is given at 10-12 weeks. If disease is active and widespread in your area a repeat inoculation may be given one month later. A booster is given annually and it is recommended that no other vaccine is administered within 14 days either side of the booster date.


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