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Veterinary Nurses

Amy Loombe

Our Head nurse and specialist in all fields of animal healthcare. Amy qualified in Norfolk and has worked here since then, bringing exceptional organizational and nursing skills to the practice.

She guides our younger nurses, supports and advises vets and behind the scenes controls the stock system in the practice. Her young dog Murphy comes to work with her each day and provides us all with endless fun. She also keeps a steady hand on continuing professional development amongst our nurses.


Ellie Longshaw

Completed her veterinary nurse training at the College of West Anglia, where she became a qualified veterinary nurse in August 2016. Ellie lives at home with her 15 year old cat named Poppy and has a special interest in medical nursing and specialist nurse clinics.

Caroline Price

Caroline (Kaz) seems to have been here forever. She started out with general duties but over many years has picked up all the skills to turn her into an extremely vital member of the nursing team. There is nothing she doesn't know about nursing and veterinary practice and is the 'go to' person for many problems that arise every day, from computer glitches to mixed up aneasthetic gas orders. She's always smiling and always has the answer- we would be lost without her. And she always takes the poorest, most unloved stray cats that are left with us at the clinic.


Shannon Burdett

Is our nurse in training, who aspires to become a qualified veterinary nurse and work with endangered species. Shannon lives with her two dogs, Peppa and Teddy. And one day would love to own a chameleon or a goat called Pickle.

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